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Capital Postal & Mailbox Service was born from a dream. A dream that people can overcome any of life’s obstacles and come out on top. As the first black-owned and woman-led shipping, mailbox, and printing company in America, we are proud of our growth and our history. Founded by Takisha Clark, who built Capital Postal from the ground up, our little company is quickly transforming from a small mom-and-pop into franchise material.

Through thick and thin, Capital Postal has remained a staple for Long Beach residents to access affordable, efficient, and friendly services for all things shipping, packing, admin, and more. Whether you’re looking to send a letter, pack a few boxes, get passport photos, or have a document notarized, the staff at Capital Postal & Mailbox Service is here to help! From auto-registration DMV services to packing and shipping solutions, we have something for everyone.



Takisha’s Journey

Capital Postal Courier Service

Founded in Long Beach, California by unstoppable entrepreneur Takisha Clark, Capital Postal & Mailbox Service is redefining customer care in one of 2021’s most vital industries. As businesses and brands adjust and readjust to the changing realities from 2020 and beyond, reliable package delivery is just one key piece of success that Capital Postal provides. As Ms. Clark has proudly expressed, “If you treat your customer right, they treat you right. It’s a personal experience for our customers. We can do everything for them, whatever they need. We’ve added services to our office based on what our customers ask for. We are always focused on giving them everything they need to succeed.” This full-service approach, that allows business owners and other individuals to focus on the substance of their work while someone else handles all the details, is the brainchild of CEO Clark, a California native whose work ethic and flexibility has set her (and her business) apart.

Takisha Clark grew up in Compton, CA, a troubled enclave known for the strength of its community amidst many economic and social hardships. During her childhood, Takisha witnessed her mother’s struggles with addiction and became determined to rise above the challenges of her life to find her path to success. By age 15 she knew she was a natural born leader, and by her early 20s she established her first business providing childcare to many local families. “Being my own boss was just for me. I knew I had more to give and more to learn that what I would get from a regular 9-5,” explains Takisha. Although this first business venture was quite successful, Ms. Clark knew there were other frontiers she wanted to explore. She continued looking for those opportunities while growing her asset portfolio, owning three houses by the age of 24.

Sadly the sudden and tragic death of her younger sister in 2007 sent Takisha into a deep depression, and an addiction to painkillers followed. Unable to function in her daily work, she lost all of her properties and ended up homeless. This painful chapter took its toll on Clark’s achievements, but by sheer determination she pulled herself out of this rock-bottom point in her life. She moved in with friends, started school full-time and soon got a job working for nonprofit Shields for Families, an organization helping victims of abuse. After being promoted to a program specialist aiding other families struggling with addiction, Takisha realized she had finally regained the ambitious spirit of her youth. Soon she ventured into the accounting and tax industry and opened a Liberty Tax franchise in Torrance, CA. As Ms. Clark has explained, “You have to be creative, having a business. You have to always look for different avenues and ways for you to achieve your success.” This creativity led her to establish her own tax company, Good Faith Tax Service, which operated until 2019. Beginning in 2017, Takisha added the packing and printing business to her resume with the opening of her flagship Capital Postal & Mailbox Service location.

Since its grand opening, Capital Postal & Mailbox Service has grown from a shipping company to a full-service business support brand, offering printing services, notarizing, passport photos, auto registration, mailbox rentals, packaging, fingerprinting and more. The relationships Takisha Clark builds with her staff and her customers, along with consistently striving to offer more and more value to her array of services, have earned rave reviews for her business and kept her motivated to do more and more good for the world. As the tenacious CEO has explained, “I recently partnered up with Pacific Gateway to give opportunities to youth 20 years old and above. I offer them job training at my location, I lecture them, and even if I don’t hire them at my location, I can still give them tools to go out into the field and get good jobs. Last year we also held a toy drive to distribute over 10,000 toys to needy families. Helping others is a big highlight for me.” With the will to win against all odds and her sights set on franchising her brand in the months to come, there’s no doubt Takisha Clark and Capital Postal & Mailbox Service will hit their mark. With accolades like joining the top 10 entrepreneurs of 2021 alongside Elon Musk (Source: Yahoo! Finance) and being recognized as the first Black woman to own a franchise in the shipping industry, there’s no stopping this success story…no matter what life brings.

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